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DOA 2015 - foto JanSjoerdGeertsma


Date and schedule

The eleventh edition of metalfestival Dokk’em Open Air will take place on Friday June 24th and Saturday June 25st 2016. On Thursday the 23rd of June a pre party with hardrock tribute bands is held at the Biergarten on festival site: The Night Before Dokk’em.
The event is located in the historical city of Dokkum, one of the famous eleven cities of the Elfstedentocht. This is one of the most beautiful parts of the province of Friesland. The campsite is adjacent to the festival area.

DOA-2015 foto JanSjoerdGeertsma




Dokk’em Open Air takes place at the Holwerderweg, in Dokkum, Netherlands.

Cab-stand / Kiss & Ride

Holwerderweg, Dokkum (follow the signs and instructions)





Thursday June 23, 2016

Campsite open: 6 pm
Festivalarea open: 8 pm

Friday, June 24, 2016

Festivalarea open: 1 pm
First band: 1:30 pm

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Festivalarea open: 12:00 am
First band: 12:30 pm

There will be plenty of parking space in a walking distance of the festival ground.

DOA-2015 - foto JanSjoerdGeertsma

DOA-2015 - foto JanSjoerdGeertsma


There is enough parking space at walking distance from the festival area. Please pay attention to the special road signs near the festival and to the instructions our volunteers may give you.

Public transport

You can reach Dokkum by bus. Check fo the latest information and your up to date traveling schedule .

If you are coming by train from the direction of Groningen, please take the slow train to station Veenwouden/Feanwâlden and from there you can easily take the bus to Dokkum. Bus stop: Watertoren.

– from Leeuwarden Central Station: bus line 50 to Dokkum
– from Groningen/Veenwouden: bus line 53 to Dokkum
– From the villages near Dokkum: take the Arriva-Opstapper-bus, reservation required.

The last buses from Dokkum leave around 11pm.

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You’re welcome to stay  the night(s) at  our camping, if you have a one- or two day ticket.

The campsite is open on Thursday at 6pm and closes on Sunday 2pm. Coffee, sandwiches and aspirine are for sale on the campsite on Saturday and Sunday, between 10am and noon. The entrance for the campsite is €10,- per person. It’s cheaper when you buy your camping ticket in combination with your festival ticket 🙂

DOA-20150 foto JanSjoerdGeertsma

DOA-2015 foto JanSjoerdGeertsma

DOA-2015 JanSjoerdGeertsma


Don’t fancy camping?

In the pittoresque ‘Elfsteden-town’ of Dokkum (hence the name Dokk’em Open Air) there are several hotels. So if you can’t be bothered packing your gear, or have a phobia for air mattresses, contact one of the hotels listed below. On you can find more addresses from local hotels, B&B’s, family campings and more.



  • Hotel de Abdij van Dokkum
    Markt 30a
    9101 LS Dokkum


  • Hotel ‘t Raedhûs
    Koningstraat 1
    9101 LP Dokkum


Ongeveer 8 kilometer van Dokkum, nabij de Waddenzee:

Dokkum - Michiel Verbeek - Wiki Creative Commons A-SA

Dokkum - Timo Tijhof - Wiki Creative Commons A-SA


At Dokk’em Open Air you pay your food and drinks with tokens. You can buy your tokens with cash and with a debit card. Merchandise at the metalmarket can be paid for with cash and debit card as well.


DOA-2015 - foto JanSjoerdGeertsma

Visitors with disabilities

Dokk’em Open Air takes place in a meadow, so we do our very best to make the festival as accessible as possible for everybody. Ofcourse there’s a special toilet for the disabled and a special reserved platform. There are plenty of places to sit in the Biergarten.

DOA-2015 - foto JanSjoerdGeertsma


House Rules

Dokk’em Open Air is a festival that is made by and made for metalheads. Dozens of volunteers work their asses off to serve you the best beers and food. So please be nice to each other and make it a great party for everybody.

If you have any questions after reading these house rules, please contact us at pr@dokkemopenair or send us a message on facebook or twitter.

 Dokk'em Open Air 2015 - foto Ronald vd Baan

Rules Festival Area

  • No alcohol for people under 18
  • Minimum age is 12. Under 16 only in company of an adult.
  • No weapons, no sharp objects (glass, cans, metal)
  • No drugs allowed (only a small amount of marihuana is allowed). All other drugs are illegal and strictly forbidden in The Netherlands. The possession of so called hard drugs will lead to immediate denial to or removal from the festival grounds and we’ll notify the police.
  • Take good care of your ears (use ear plugs). Keep an eye on the weather. Drink enough water when it’s hot. Umbrellas are not allowed.
  • No pets

The organization of Dokk’em Open Air tries hard to bring 20 of the best metal bands in the world to Dokkum. We can not take any responsibility if a band is forced to cancel their tour, so no refunds possible.

  • Watch out for each other’s vehicle. Drive carefully and drive sober.
  • Park at the special festival parking: follow the signs and listen to the instructions our volunteers will give you
  • No glass, weapons, metal and other sharp objects on the campsite
  • Don’t leave garbage behind
  • Think about your neighbours on the campsite, don’t make too much noise

The organization of Dokk’em Open Air is not liable for any loss of or damage to your possessions.

DOA-2015 foto JanSjoerdGeertsma

Dokk'em Open Air 2015 - foto RonaldvdBaan

Publiek Dokk'em Open Air 2015 - foto Ronald vd Baan

DOA-2015 foto JanSjoerdGeertsma

DOA15 - foto-ErwinJonkman

DOA-2015 foto JanSjoerdGeertsma

DOA-2015 foto janSjoerdGeertsma

DOA-2015 foto JanSjoerdGeertsma

Publiek Dokk'em Open Air 2015 - foto Ronald vd Baan

DOA15 foto Erwin Jonkman

Publiek Dokk'em Open Air 2015 - foto Ronald vd Baan

DOA-2015 foto JanSjoerdGeertsma

Publiek Dokk'em Open Air 2015 - 10th Anniversary - zaterdag

DOA-2015 foto Jan Sjoerd Geertsma

Highway to Rosie-3807-ErwinJonkman

DOA-2015 foto JanSjoerdGeertsma


(Pictures, videos and reviews from Dokk’em Open Air: Historie)